Know More The Benefits of Recycling Old Technology

Technology is essential to running a business in 2016. But not just any technology will do. If your business is using outdated tech devices, you could be missing out on some great new features and improved functionality. However, since the tech tools that businesses can use are constantly evolving, you’re likely to have some old gadgets lying around that you aren’t using anymore.
But you don’t have to just keep that outdated tech lying around. There are ways you can safely and securely recycle old technology in a biologically friendly way while also updating your business’s tech tools for the New Year. One of our favorite ways is the Trade In and Trade Up promotion from Staples. It makes updating and recycling easy with just one step! It’s really great at this time of year because you can close the year with new technology and a clean office. Staples is offering some great deals on new technology for the Holiday season. This week, they have great deals on laptops and printers. Starting later this week, on 11/24, all of their great Black Friday deals start!

How New Technology Can Help Your Business
Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. The best tech tools of 2017 aren’t the same ones that were at the top of people’s lists in 2016.
Having the most updated tech doesn’t just mean that you’re keeping up with the trends. It also allows your business to operate more efficiently and take advantage of all the latest innovative features. And when you’re working with clients or partners that have those same updated tech devices and platforms, they’ll be impressed that you also use the best and most current technology in your small business.

In addition, new tech can make your company appeal more to creative and innovative workers, so your employees are likely to appreciate the updated features. And it might even help you attract more top talent to your business.
And luckily, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, there are plenty of deals to be had. Retailers like Staples offer laptops, smartphones, printers and a variety of other updated devices that you can use to make sure your business runs as efficiently as possible, without having to spend a ton of extra money.

Why You Should Recycle Old Technology
Just because you want to update your technology for the New Year, that doesn’t mean you have to just throw away all of those old devices. Recycling them is better for the environment, it can help save you money, and if you’re looking to purchase new tech anyway, you don’t even have to go out of your way to recycle.
Recycling tech isn’t the same as recycling other items like glass and cardboard, since tech gadgets often include materials that can be potentially hazardous. But that doesn’t mean that it’s difficult to recycle old or outdated tech. Retailers like Staples offer trade-in programs that let you bring in all of your old devices to stores so that they can dispose of them safely and in a way that won’t harm the environment.

In addition, if you bring in your old tech to Staples, you might even be able to save on all those new tech purchases you’re planning for your business. Prices can vary. But if you have smartphones, tablets, laptops and similar devices that are at least somewhat recent and in relatively good shape, you might be able to get some money off a future purchase in exchange for those items. The exact value will depend on the age and condition of each item. But any money off a new purchase can help you keep your business up to date with new technology so that you can reap all of those potential benefits of having updated tech.

How to Recycle New Technology
If you’re looking to upgrade some of your old tech devices, you can safely get rid of your old devices and save on new tech purchases with Staples Trade-In and Trade-Up promotion as we mentioned earlier. You can take your old devices into Staples stores or get a quote online. Then, depending on the value of your device, you can get a Staples eCash Card to help you save on new electronics or other items from Staples.
Eligible devices include laptops, tablets, cell phones, eReaders and MP3 players. And the amount you get for your trade-in depends on the value of your device. However, even if you have older devices that don’t have any trade-in value, you can still bring it into your local Staples store and they will recycle it responsibly for you free of charge.

Recycling your old technology doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, it’s something small that you can do to improve the world around you while simultaneously helping your business grow and thrive. Keeping up with all the new technology out there might seem like a difficult task. But if you’re able to upgrade to the latest and greatest model without a lot of time or money spent on those new items, you should be well on your way to keeping your business on top of all the latest tech trends.